Brianna Foster | About Becky


Having known each other since before 2006, it wasn't until November 2012 that Becky and Brianna first worked together for a photography event. Instantly it was like they had been working together for years -- knowing where the other one was going to be for a shot, understanding each other's visions, able to trust each other to get the right shot at the right time.

They now work together for every major event, and frequently accompany each other for portrait sessions to lend a second hand or practice a new technique. They also work together running their fundraiser event Portraits in the Park for Operation Smile twice a year, which raises money for life-saving operations for children and babies born with cleft pallets around the world.

Get to know more about Becky! From her website:

"I am a fun, loving-life, Jersey girl who is always down for an adventure - especially when it involves a camera. I can't remember an age when I didn't have a camera in my hand. I'm fascinated by what the camera captures and I love stories the pictures tell. Life is so precious, I'm just lucky enough to capture moments of it.

I am also a teacher at a school for children and adults with Autism. Though teaching is my other love, there is just something about photography that ignites my inner artist. My passion for photography has pushed me in many exciting directions. I've had the opportunity to meet and work with the most amazing people. I am so excited to see what the future brings.

Living life.... One click at a time....."