Brianna Foster | NYC Christmas Engagement Session & A January Engagement Party
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NYC Christmas Engagement Session & A January Engagement Party

January 14, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

Thank goodness for patient clients! What started as an attempted hour-long engagement session in NYC the Saturday before Christmas turned into a 6 hour marathon through the streets of New York. You may be thinking "What the heck is wrong with you?" and "How the heck did that happen?"

The answers are "Plenty" and "It all started..."

Adorable couple Karra & John had settled on doing a NYC at Christmastime theme for their engagement session in December. We had discussed the idea of a nature setting, but with the iffy time of the year it would have meant risking slushy and muddy conditions. So 3 days before the scheduled session, we settled on doing the session in the city, partially during sunset (where I could use natural light which I prefer for outdoor portraits) and partially during dusk so we could take advantage of the Christmas lights and decorations strewn around the city. Becky was joining me in this adventure since we had been in the city the night before anyway.

Sounds lovely right? Well, silly us forgot to factor in the high volume of traffic that consumes New York the weekend before Christmas.

We started out taking a few romantic shots during sunset down by Pier 17 at South Street Seaport, where we angled ourselves just the right way to get the Brooklyn Bridge in the background:

From there we went across the street to a small local shopping area with adorable little shops and a temporary skating rink set up. This is where things started to get tricky. We're very used to working in natural lighting situations, so it was a huge curveball to work outside at night. It may not seem to make sense, but outdoor photography at night requires different lighting equipment and techniques that we had to learn on the fly. (Hey, you have to learn some time right?) Luckily as I said before, Karra & John were such troopers and very supportive and patient with our having to test several things out to get the lighting to work any time we moved locations. Thank goodness we were able to get several touching (and decently lit) shots of the two at this location:

We then headed uptown to battle the tourist trap that is Times Square (which ended up taking about an hour to get to), so we could get some shots of them having a private moment in one of the busiest spots on the island. They had also brought an adorable banner to use as a prop -- which of course then started to draw clusters of people gawking and watching our every move. Ahhh Times Square...

From there our final goal was to get some intimate pictures in one of my favorite bars in Manhattan, Hurley's Saloon, which is decorated beautifully during the holiday season. Unfortunately by then it was their busiest time, so they weren't too keen with the idea of taking photos in one of their booths, but they have 3 floors. The 3rd floor is normally used for private parties, but they had agreed to let us take photos there! However when we got there, a party was going on. So we decided to grab a table and grab some dinner until we were allowed upstairs, where we were then able to capture some sweet shots of the couple together with Christmas decorations:

and some props they brought with them, like this Burberry scarf:

By the end of the night we were all exhausted and barely speaking English, but we were so lucky to have such easy going clients who put their trust in us! An adorable couple, so clearly in love -- and a truly unforgettable session!






Engagement Party

Last weekend, we were honored to be able to spend another evening with Karra & John to capture all the special moments of their engagement party at Galloping Hill Caterers in Union, New Jersey. Quite the elegant affair, it fit the season beautifully with flowers and favors all in winter whites:

Karra looked stunning in a floor-length white gown, and with John in his tux he looked like he should have walked right out of a James Bond movie (which gave me an excellent idea for a Bond themed photo shoot...)

Friends and family graced the couple with speeches and special tributes

After dinner...

Everyone rocked it out on the dance floor

Becky and I had fun as usual! Looking forward to working with this sweet couple again in the future!


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